The Day in Detail

The Logistics:







Date: May 19, 2018

Time: 8:00 AM

Check-In: 6:45 AM

Registration Fee: $20

Location: Iroquois Park, Louisville KY


*Water will be provided

Our Impetus, Explained

We only have what we give.
In a firehouse turned coffee shop, four brothers met. A group of young men filled with determination and of tested mettle sat across each other. If fortune favors the bold, then fortune smiled upon us that day and each day we’ve met thus far.
What brought these brothers together? The answer is simple: a genuine concern for others and a willingness to learn what needed to be done to accomplish what we had in mind. Our collective vision is to raise $10,000 to work with Kentucky Refugee Ministries in supporting the needs of four Syrian refugee families who have been resettled here in Louisville.
Our concern for those less fortunate than we is what motivates us to learn about the process, procedure, and art of creating a charity 5k race. Nonetheless, this endeavor cannot be successful without your active participation. Indeed, compassion without praxis bears no fruit. It is only through you that our cooperative effort will materialize.
Join us.

Thank you to all of our supporters. We will be updating our website soon for 2019!


The Objective is Simple:

Sweat4Syria is a charity 5K run with the dual intent of bringing the community of Louisville together and raising $10K to aid 4 resettled Syrian refugee families, in cooperation with Kentucky Refugee Ministries. Through solidarity and collective compassion, we can truly add value to the lives of families who have endured unspeakable hardship. With your sweat and love, we will not only aid those is need, but we will also breed a spirit of altruism amongst the runners. We will have food trucks, music, & a post-race event as well. Let’s show the world why Louisville is called the “City of Compassion”.

Service Through Solidarity

Improves the lives of those whose safety and freedom were compromised.
Since 2011, Syria and its people have experienced terrible calamities. Our media sources are saturated with images that depict senseless violence and express immense despair. Nonetheless, intimacy with such a tragedy is difficult to develop; spatial isolation has diminished our capacity to truly aid those in need. Moreover, it is hard to conceptualize how the ramifications of this distant war manifests in our local community. Thus, we are led to believe that we are helpless. However, with cooperative effort, this notion will be proven to be fallacious.

We Would Love To Hear From You

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